Login Popup Demo by Slickpopup Pro

This popup demo is for Login Popup provide by slick popup pro for all type of WordPress websites. This login popup can be used in a website which requires credentials for logging in the website and a demo of the popup is to provide with the steps how to use this popup on a website.

Follow these steps to create Login Popup.

  1. Select where you want to show this Login Popup.
  2. Choose Login Popup.
  3. Choose the layout which will suit best to create your Popup.
  4. Select an Activation Mode for your popup by which it will trigger.
  5. Add a suitable heading and body text for your Popup.
  6. Select the side button and choose none if you want it set on Auto Popup.
  7. Choose your Login Popup animations.
  8. Choose a Colour Scheme that matches best with your website.
  9. Then configure any advanced options that you require.
  10. Click on the update button and Voila your Login popup has been created.

Now, go to the desired page and check out how the popup makes your website more attractive.

Try our Login Popup demo :- Using username as demo and password as demo123.

Love this popup there are many more